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Keep and Bear Arms provides the following services.


Need help selling a firearm? We will display your item for a 90 Day Duration, $25 or 15% Fee, $25 Non Refundable Fee if firearm is taken back without being sold. See an associate for details.

Special Orders-

We Take Special Orders for Anything Firearm, Ammo, Archery, Fishing, Outdoor Gear Related, Etc.; Price Per Quote. See Associate for Details. Down payment or restocking fees may apply.


Don’t have the money for what you want? Ask an associate for details on our layaway program. You can take up to 90 days to pay for your item in full with a small down payment. There is a non-refundable $15 layaway fee.

​Pistol Sights-

Free for sights purchased through Keep and Bear Arms. EXCEPT XD's; $25 for XD's and some other sights that take longer to be fit. Sights purchased elsewhere will be by the hour pricing.

​Expert Gunsmithing-

Gunsmithing services for all firearm makes and models $60/ Hour; $30 Minimum.